Klaralund Sleeve

I met my goal and the first sleeve came off the needles on Friday night!!! Wooo hoooo!!

Just one more sleeve to go. I wanted to get the first sleeve done before sending my defective Addis back to Elann. Well, I was *so* surprised when I got an email from Elann on Friday morning saying that they got my replacement Addis in stock and that it shipped out on Friday. I hadn’t even sent back the defective ones yet!!! Now, is that excellent customer service or what??? Elann really does go the extra mile for their customers, which is why I like them so much. My needles should arrive tomorrow, so I can get a move on the second sleeve!

In the wee hours of the morning today, I started a new project…for now I will refer to it as The Unnamed Object since it’s a gift. =) I made some good progress on it and am quite happy with how it’s turning out so far. Will post pictures later on when the time is right. Maybe I will attempt socks when I am halfway through Unnamed.

This afternoon I went to another knitting group. I met a lot of very nice ladies and saw some really neat projects. However, I felt more comfortable at SnB and thus will stick to SnB as my knitting group.

Lastly, I got a very nice email and a cute e-card from my secret pal!!! =) She sounds very nice and friendly and I was happy to hear from her! This weekend I also did some shopping for the person that I’m the secret pal for. I can’t wait to send out her package!!!