Today I enjoyed a really nice day! Both DH and I were off from work, and we had warm, sunny, blue sky weather. We slept in, ran a few errands, and took care of some stuff around the apartment.

The highlight of my day was going to SnB. Not only did I have a great time chatting with everyone and seeing finished projects and works in progress, but I also finished knitting my first sock! It’s nowhere near perfect, but I am super excited that I actually knit a sock! Woooo hooooo!!!

Baby sock (pattern from Socks Socks Socks)

Violet taught me the Kitchener stitch and helped me with the grafting at the toe. Thanks Violet!

I’m not planning to knit the second sock since this one was just for practice. I’ll have to look through my books and figure out which pattern I want to attempt next.

That’s all from me for now…Hope you have a great weekend!


One Comment on “Success!”

  1. heather says:

    Wow..those socks turned out super cute! I’m getting ready to attempt my first pair but I’m still not there yet..maybe one day! 🙂