On An Upswing

Last week I hit a rather low point with my knitting. I think I was too invested in getting the Clapotis right, and I just let myself get much, much too frustrated with it. It was very unhealthy and it even affected my sleep because I insisted on staying up late to work on it. The lesson learned is that I need to make myself put a project down when I get too obsessed. It’s a hard thing to do (at least for me), but now that I finally let go, I am feeling sooooooooo much better. I plan to start knitting the Clapotis again in the future, just not right away. And the next time around, I’m going to put in lifelines before I start having troubles!

I needed a very easy project to recuperate from my Clapotis and Bolero problems, so on Thursday night I cast on for a double seed stitch scarf with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I actually knitted one about 6 months ago as one of my first knitting projects. I really like wearing that scarf so I decided to knit another one in pale blue. I haven’t decided yet whether I’ll keep this one or give it as a gift.

(I couldn’t manage to take a picture that reflected the true color, but trust me, the yarn really is pale blue.)

I’m about halfway done. Working on this quick knit has been very soothing. When I knit the first one, I remember getting bored with the pattern, and I actually put down the scarf for awhile. Now I think it’s the greatest! LOL! I guess it’s all about perspective. Twenty-four stitches per row certainly goes by a lot faster than 80 or 90 or 100 per row (like on the Clapotis)!


5 Comments on “On An Upswing”

  1. Ruth says:

    your branching out is looking good!! =)

  2. Stephanie says:

    I really like that scarf pattern and I’m glad you’re feeling better about your knitting. I’ve been frustrated in the past too and I’m amazed at what a difference a simple project can make. I really like brancing out and the color is fabulous. What Black Sheep Bag pattern did you get?

  3. Catherine Kerth says:

    love that yarn!!!! i really like the way seed stitch looks, looks classy to me! clapotis made you lose sleep, shame on her!! hope you had fun froggin’ the witch:) branching out looks great, i really want to try that one!!! i bookmarked those instructions, thanks for hooking us up on that tip!!!!

  4. Laura says:

    I’m glad that you’ve been knitting again. Don’t you hate it when you get frustrated. Well, your branching out is gorgeous. I had problems getting that one started too. I think you’ll be ready for the Clapotis after branching out. I know you can do it! =0)

  5. Gracie says:

    Branching out looks fab! I need to try that one out. Your Bolero is looking great as well! I adore the color (but then again, I love all things pink or remotely pink).