Double Seed Stitch Scarf is Also Done!

I also finished the double seed stitch scarf…do you like my models? =o)

When I was almost done, I found a mistake around the halfway point.

I must have knit the wrong row. And I even used a row counter to keep track of my four-row repeat, which makes this mistake even worse! LOL Actually, I think I might have been teaching someone to cast on when I was knitting this section. The mistake is noticeable if I’m looking for it, but I decided not to fix it because it would mean frogging about 16 inches. This scarf is for myself, and it’s supposed to be my fun/easy/relaxing project. If I had to re-knit that much of it, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. I can live with the mistake, so I’m letting it go.

This past week I have felt the need to get some projects off the needles so that I can begin the ones that I’m itching to start. Now that Branching Out and Double Seed Stitch are done, I’m going to attempt to line the Sophie Bag, and then finish the Bolero and the Irish Walking Hat. I’m also planning to rip DH’s Retro Rib socks and start them over on size 3 needles instead of size 2. I didn’t knit a swatch, and I’m really concerned that the socks will be too small if I leave them as they are right now.

Upcoming project: Around mid-August, Lynette and I are doing our own knitalong for Tivoli! I know that some of you have already knit it, but if you’re interested in knitting along with us, let one of us know!

In non-knitting news, I seem to be going through a cooking phase right now and I’m not even really much of a cook at all. In fact, just last month, I bought a magnet that says “I was going to cook you a great dinner… (then there is a picture of a woman in the kitchen)…but then I remembered, I don’t cook!” =o) Not counting frozen ravioli and meatless spaghetti (using sauce straight out of a jar), my repetoire includes around ten main dishes. Three of them are heavy stews which don’t seem quite right for the summer (but I’ve been making them anyway). I am getting tired of eating the few things I know how to cook, so I’ve been hunting for relatively easy recipes to try. The operative word is easy as I fall under the novice cook category. So far I’ve found some recipes on and DH and I even tried out this one on Sunday. Granted, it’s very simple, but we were pleased because it tasted good (YAY!) and we made the sauce from scratch!! I know this is a really baby step, but we are talking about two people who really don’t know much about cooking. The cinnamon makes the sauce interesting. I used ground beef instead of proscuitto and it still tasted fine. Next time around I plan to try it with shrimp. If you are interested in trying the recipe, I recommend reading the reviews for suggestions on altering the recipe. I also just purchased a few cookbooks from Amazon (thanks again for the gift cert, SP5!), and can’t wait to look through them. I’m slightly hesitant about getting into cooking because I went through a cooking phase last fall and it didn’t last. I bought a few “quick and easy” / “one-dish” cookbooks composed mainly of “American” recipes, and the flavors just didn’t appeal to me. This time around, I am focusing on two cuisines (Chinese and Italian, my two favorites) and hopefully I will be more successful! It would be wonderful if my interest in cooking could be more than just a passing phase. If you have tips/recipes/cookbook suggestions to share, I would love to hear them!