Finished Ribbed Scarf

Yay, the ribbed scarf is done!


Here is DH modeling it for me:

Doesn’t the scarf look lovely with the cut-off shirt? It’s not quite scarf weather here yet…the high yesterday was 86 degrees.

While I am happy with the scarf, I have made a resolution. No more 2×2 ribbed scarves, and no more double seed stitch scarves. From January 2005 until now, I have knit two 2×2 ribbed scarves and two double seed stitch scarves. All four have been with Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. While I am a fan of this yarn, and while I really like ribbing and double seed stitch, I must admit that I am getting really bored with knitting long scarves in these patterns. I realized this about three-quarters of the way through the red ribbed scarf for DH. I wonder where my brain was when I decided to knit a second ribbed scarf for DH? Hello??? I could have at least tried a different pattern! So no more! Gotta move out of my comfort zone!


One Comment on “Finished Ribbed Scarf”

  1. Agnes says:

    Get “Scarf Style” and you’ll be able to find many beautiful scarf ideas. VK 2004 summer issue also carried many scarf patterns too.