Progress on the Tivoli…

…is coming more slowly than I planned, and I ran into a couple of minor issues.

First is that I did an absolutely horrible job with the armholes…and this is one of the better ones!


So I had to “fix” them…I’ll use the word “fix” loosely here, since what I did may or may not be considered a true remedy to the problem. I just attempted to close the gaps a bit.


Then I noticed that there is some weird bunching where I wove in the ends…am I pulling the yarn too tight? I don’t seem to have this problem with wool.


Lastly, I ran into this near the end of a ball:


In spite of these issues, I’m enjoying the project:


My goal is to finish Tivoli by the end of next week. I’m not working on anything else at the moment (other than my socks here and there), so hopefully I’ll meet my goal!


11 Comments on “Progress on the Tivoli…”

  1. Cyndi says:

    Tivoli is looking good! When you’re wearing it, you won’t even be able to notice the underarm fix. Not sure what to do about the puckering – maybe a good blocking will help?

  2. Lolly says:

    Yeah, you can definitely get that done by next week! 🙂 As for the puckering, I think blocking will help. Love the color–very pretty!

  3. altaviese says:

    Your Tivoli looks great!

    I read an article once about split/splicing ( ). Basically you wet the two ends and rub them together in your palm. It works great with wool, I haven’t tried it with any other materials.

    It’s a life saver, b/c I’m am def. challenged on the yarn joining aspect of knitting.

    Hope it helps!


  4. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been known to do that fix! 🙂 Tivoli is looking very nice!

  5. Diana says:

    Tivoli looks super! I love the color you are using; its perfect for fall and will look great under a jacket. Sometimes I have this problem with woven-in ends too, and blocking should take care of it.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Tivoli looks great and I love the color. I think the underarm fix is perfect and blocking will help with the ends, but cotton isn’t as forgiving as wool so it shows every little thing (at least I think so).

  7. Purly Whites says:

    Looks very cute! I agree with the blocking helping with the ends.

  8. Angela says:

    Love the color! It’s coming along nicely. Once you block it, you won’t even notice those things!

  9. Gracie says:

    It looks so great! I love the color!

    I totally forgot that you had moved sites, I was wondering why you hadn’t posted in awhile! Silly me!

  10. oh its gonna look so great! sure we notice the little things when you point them out:) it really does look great on.. can’t wait to see it finished!

  11. Jen says:

    Everyone was right. The underam part won’t even show when you wear it. I spent a LOT of time trying to tighten my stitches up around there by distributing the excess yarn across the rest of the row, and truth be told, if someone’s staring at my armpits that intently, I don’t care if they see a little gap.

    Blocking definitely helps with the yarn joins. I too love the spit splice for wool to avoid weaving in ends, I just wish it worked on cotton blends. Have you tried a Russian join? I’ll try anything if it means not having to weave in ends…

    I ran into 2 of those knots in the last skein of yarn I wound. I was so peeved to have to cut it out and rejoin the yarn. tsk tsk lazy manufacturers!