Lessons in Reading Carefully

I finished the cable bands for Kepler – two for the sleeves, two for the hips.


Of course, I experienced a tad bit of drama with the cable bands. I had been working from the chart and didn’t look much at the pattern. Right after I started the last cable band, I glanced over at the pattern and realized that I skipped over some directions. I was supposed to knit two seaming rows prior to binding off each band, and I failed to do that for all three of the completed bands. Oops. But I thought to myself, no problem. I can un-do the bind off, add the seaming rows, and then bind off again. A dumb mistake, but no big deal, right?

I grabbed one of the sleeve bands and ripped back a couple rows. I started re-knitting the ripped rows, but clearly something was wrong because the cables were now twisted incorrectly. Hmmm, did I pick up stitches out of order? I pulled them off the needles, ripped back some more, and started again. It was still wrong. Throughout the course of the day, I probably spent a total of two hours trying to figure out why this one cable band was so messed up. Eventually I reached my frustration limit and gave up on fixing it. I decided to go forward with knitting the last cable band. My plan was that when I reached row 10 of the pattern, I would compare it to row 10 of the messed up band currently on a stitch holder. That way I could figure out exactly what was wrong.

Guess what? There was NO way that the cable band on the holder was at row 10. Definitely, totally not. So, either I miscounted the rows when I was ripping back, or I made a mistake in the original knitting. I ripped back until this band matched row 10 of the correct band, and continued from there. And then all was good. Whew!

Now I am working on a sleeve.


Many thanks to Minna for clarifying the increase directions. Apparently I can’t read…I thought that the directions said to increase 1 stitch at the end of each RS row. That couldn’t be right because then the sleeve would be asymmetrical! Duh, the directions said to increase at each end of the RS row.

Note to self: Read the directions very carefully. Then read them again. And read them one more time before binding off!


19 Comments on “Lessons in Reading Carefully”

  1. Angela says:

    Wow! For a second there, I thought you were going to say you undid the cast on edge! I was freaking out for you. But you had a happy ending after all. *phew*

  2. Agnes says:

    I know what you mean … when I was working on the crochet square afghan, the same thing happened to me … all the way I thought I was reading the instructions … but at the end found out I was reading what I thought in my head! Glad to read that everything is on track now. 😉

  3. it is looking so good! wow those bands just make it look so hard!!! can’t wait to start this thing myself! really great job…..

  4. ruth says:

    it looks really good! yea, i have those moments too where i thought i understood the pattern, only to read, read and re-read again and THEN maybe i got it. too many DUH moments for me causes alot of frustration in fixing a silly absent-minded mistake. blech! but kudos to you for having the determination and patience to actually fix it!! =)

  5. Jennifer says:

    Kepler is looking very nice! I’ve got to start knitting it soon…

    I do that with patterns too sometimes. Especially when I get too cocky and stop looking at the pattern. There have been many rippings of woe when that happens.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Oh crap. I hate having to count back because I always mess it up too. I’m glad you figured it out and everything is ok now.

  7. sedie says:

    I can’t tell you the number of times I was sure a pattern was wrong and it turns out I just couldn’t read. . . Love the color, looking forward to the completed Kepler!

  8. Jen says:

    cables are looking quite nice. I was considering doing this sweater, but don’t like seaming or picking up stitches. I’ll have to wait and see how it turns out for you…

    glad the re-knitting worked out for you

  9. Purly Whites says:

    I’m glad it worked out! It is very pretty so far.

  10. Cyndi says:

    Doh! Don’t you hate those silly mistakes? So glad that you were able to gracefully recover without too much trauma. Kepler is going to be beautiful – I love the cables and the color! Now you just have the easy (and maybe boring) stockinette part left.

  11. Nyasha says:

    Hi Caitlyn!
    Your Kepler is looking wonderful. I have some silky wool at home that is just begging to be turned into one, one day when I have some time. Right now I will live through yours.

    Nice job!

  12. blossom says:

    wow, those cables look really lovely. great pic., too.

    now only the easy knittings!! you’ll be done in no time.

  13. Gracie says:

    It is looking so great! The cables are beautiful. Glad that you figured it out!

  14. Emily says:

    It looks great! Love the color you are using.

  15. Heather says:

    I just found your blog and have really enjoyed reading it. I did the same thing with my sleeves once, not noticing the EACH part of the instructions. Of course, this was after I got pretty far knitting both sleeves at once and had to tear them both out and start over. At least it was a kids sweater so it wasn’t very much, but I won’t make that mistake again!

    The sweater looks beautiful. Take care & I’ll be sure to check back soon 🙂

  16. jacqueline says:

    i love the colour you are knitting kepler in! (and from reading the comments above i don’t think i am the only one). the cables look gorgeous … this is going to be a stunning FO!

  17. Laura says:

    OMG! I was wondering what happened to you. I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA that you had this new address. I was really missing you. So glad that you still exist on blogland. I’ll have to catch up on your blog really soon. HUGS!

  18. Heather says:

    those look really great. I’m glad you were able to fix it without too much of a heartache. The color is awesome too! Is that the Jaeger shetland wool? Or whatever it’s called, i have some orange that is destined to be a samus..

  19. Nyxxie says:

    Looks great Can I ask what yarn you are using?