Hooked On Hats

I’m going through a hat-knitting phase. Ever since I knit my first Noro Kureyon hat a few weeks ago, I’ve been itching to knit more hats.

I mentioned previously that I planned to knit a Rolled Edge Stocking Cap for my sister. She approved of the design and the color, and even requested a hat for her roommate. I was happy to knit them up because they go so quickly and are great projects for watching DVDs.

Hat for sister: colorway 40

Hat for sister’s roommate: colorway 147

My sister received them this weekend and seemed quite pleased! That was a relief.

On Friday night, DH and I went to see the Sacramento Kings play the Miami Heat. Two hour basketball game = perfect knitting time. What did I work on during the game? You guessed it – another Kureyon Hat. This one (colorway 90) will be gifted to a friend.


This project was a little bit “different” because I knit it with Clover Takumi needles. That was a big deal for me because I am a huge Addi Turbo fan. After a bad experience with 24” Clover circs, I swore off bamboo circs altogether. But I wanted to get a second pair of size 9 / 16” needles, and as we all know Addis are expensive. So I looked at the Clovers again. I figured that the cords on 16” circulars can’t possibly twist that much, so maybe they would be okay in bamboo. I soaked the cord in boiling water, and all was good after that. The Kureyon didn’t even drag too much on the bamboo. Maybe bamboo circs aren’t completely terrible after all.

That makes a total of, umm, four Noro Kureyon Rolled Edge Stocking Caps that I’ve knit in the past month. Am I crazy? To mix things up a bit, I decided to try Susan’s Live Dangerously, Don’t Swatch Hat. This hat is knit from the top down, so swatching isn’t necessary because you just stop increasing when you reach the correct number of stitches. It was neat to learn Emily Ocker’s cast on. There is a little hole at the top of the hat which I can’t seem to close, but that should be easily fixable. For the sides, I am using the half linen stitch. This is what I have so far:



The yarn is di.Ve’ Teseo by Cascade. It’s 55% wool and 45% microfibre. I’ve never heard of it before, and I bought it because I liked the color and it felt soft. Unfortunately, I found that I dislike the yarn. It’s hard to knit clean stitches – I keep splitting the yarn, even when I’m looking. I’ve stalled on the hat because of this. I considered frogging it entirely and starting another top-down hat in Manos, but I’m far enough along that I really want to just finish it and get the darn thing off my needles!


14 Comments on “Hooked On Hats”

  1. Angela says:

    It’s a shame that yarn splits. I adore the color, too.

  2. lyn says:

    I like the Noro hats lots and I’m sure the recipients will love them 🙂 Too bad on the splitty yarn though, the colour looks really nice.

  3. Elli says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of hats! I really do like the way the Cascade yarn looks…I think I’d put up with a bit of splittiness for the cute colorway.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Too bad the yarn is so unpleasant. It looks gorgeous!

  5. blossom says:

    love all your hats! noro’s colors make great, interesting hats!

  6. Stephanie says:

    Cute hats. I’m sorry about the yarn for the top down hat, but the color is yummy and I think the stitches look nice. I just ordered myself some yarn for a hat because I don’t have a cute one and what kind of knitter am I to not have a lovely hat to keep my ears warm in below zero weather? This must be rectified!

  7. Purly Whites says:

    So many hats! But all so cute!

  8. hats a plenty!!!! I love them all.. the colorways on the noros are pretty, i think i have a few of those lying around 🙂

  9. Julia says:

    Wow, that is a beautiful, woodsy yarn. What a lovely hat. And no, *I* don’t think you’re crazy for knitting four Kureyon hats! Noro is soo much fun to play with and hats are a healthy instant gratification! =)

  10. ruth says:

    wow you made a hat for priscilla’s roommate? what a great sister you are!! =) btw, i think all the hats are lovely! =) (p.s. i just came back from a kings game tonight as well! we parked at raleys and walked to the arena… BRRR was it cold or what) =)

  11. jsl says:

    wow! your hats look great! i think they’re really cool. =)

  12. Jen says:

    Lots and Lots of hats! I should have tried to make some hats for Christmas presents because, well, let’s face it, sweaters just take a bit longer. They’re really cute, and you’re great to give your time and efforts to so many.

  13. yahaira says:

    You are the hat queen, love them! I really like theh color of that yarn, too bad it splits. Have you tried Diakeito? They have one that is similar to kureyon but must softer.

  14. Wendy says:

    I just LOVE..LOVE..LOVE your black cabled scarf! I also love DB Cashmerino Aran yarn! Can you tell me what size needles you knit that scarf on? Your scarf looks much chunkier (prettier) then the one in the pattern so I’d like to know what size needles and how many st./in you got.

    Thanks so much