Just Because I’m Thankful

Knitting is a way that I give of myself to others. In 2005 I gifted a number of items to my mother and sister; this year, I hope to be more generous with my knitting.I wrote the above statement in my one-year blog anniversary post. I realize that it was quite broad, as there many people with whom I could choose to be more generous with my knitting. After much thought, I decided to focus my 2006 gift knitting on women who have made a strong positive impact on my life.

Four women immediately come to mind. Two of them are relatives; two are long-time friends of my mother. As customary in my culture, I address them all as “Auntie” regardless of relation. The last time I saw them was at my wedding in 2004, and I do not anticipate seeing them again anytime soon. While my mother talks to them regularly, I am rarely (if at all) in contact with any of them. Yet I think of these women often. I admire them for their wisdom, strength, generosity, creativity, style, and spunk. Over the years, each one has touched my life deeply with acts of unexpected and extraordinary kindness. I have always wanted to send back a little more than a thank you card. Now I can. Over the course of this year, I plan to knit a gift for each woman as a token of my appreciation for them. The gift won’t be for Christmas or a birthday; it will be “just because.” Hence, I’m calling this project “Just Because I’m Thankful.” I have already started working on the first item – a Clapotis for my Auntie D in Toronto.

At the end of the increase section

Halfway through the straight section

The yarn is Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the Irving Park colorway. Shepherd Worsted is absolutely lovely. If this Clapotis looks familiar, it’s because I knit one for my mother using Lion & Lamb in the exact same colorway. Auntie D is my mother’s sister, and I like the idea of two sisters with matching shawls. I hope to finish the Clapotis this month.