Meet Madison

What did I do when I had to stay home one day to wait for the air conditioner guy? I worked on my Amy Butler Uptown Madison Bag!

One side

Other side


I was quite happy that I completed this project successfully! Many thanks to Cyndi for showing me how to lay out pattern pieces on fabric and Steph for explaining topstitching to me! My Uptown Madison has noticeable imperfections, but my standards aren’t high considering that this is my first bag. I love the fabric (Onishi Junko purchased from Reprodepot) and the shape of the bag. I’m not so big on the interior velcro tab closure, but I guess it’s easier than other options? Speaking of velcro, can someone explain male and female velcro? I have no idea which is what! Edited to add: Thank you, Yahaira, for spelling it out for me. I laughed so hard…

There were a couple of steps that were difficult for me. One was attaching the lining. The handles were already sewn onto the exterior of the bag, and the directions called for tucking in the handles between the exterior and the lining when attaching the lining. Um, that made it just a little hardto pin on the lining! Because of the interfacing, the handles are not exactly floppy and I could only manipulate them so much. So that seam is pretty wonky, although fortunately it’s not really visible. After attaching the lining, I had to stitch around the entire top of the bag. That was also a struggle because, well, I’m still trying to master stitching in a straight line! And this is a very visible area! Close inspection would definitely show wobbliness. I do hope that I will improve with practice.

I’ve read here and there in blogland that Amy Butler’s patterns are well-written, and based on my experience with this bag, I would certainly agree. The steps are very clearly described and shown in diagrams, even to a newbie like myself. I’m looking forward to sewing the Amy Butler Messenger Bag next!


3 Comments on “Meet Madison”

  1. stinkerbell says:

    I love that bag! I love Amy Butler! I love the fabric! Damn shame I dont love sewing 🙂

  2. joyce says:

    i do like this bag ( i left a comment before but i think it got lost during your blog drama) — anyway, i bought the pattern and the fabric (a green color) and am waiting patiently so i can make one too! – thanks for the inspiration =)

  3. Allegra says:

    Just stumbled across your blog. Such beautiful things! I don’t sew, but I might have to learn very soon to make one of those Amy Butler Madison bags!! Yours is fantastic! Love the fabric you chose and all the other fabrics to choose from at reprodepotfabrics!!