A Little Knitting and A Lot of Sewing

I was without my sewing machine for about two and a half weeks, so when I got it back last Thursday, I went a tad overboard. This is what I made over the weekend:

Two reversible tote bags in pink


Matching pink travel tissue holders

Another reversible tote in red

A small Jordy Bag using the leftover fabric from my Madison Bag. I was pleasantly surprised to find that magnetic snaps are quite easy to put in. I actually like the purple fabric better on the outside, but I wanted to try something different.


In case you’re wondering, I’m not planning to keep any of these bags for myself! I had tons of fun sewing everything, but I definitely don’t need them. I’m either going to gift them or perhaps swap them.

And I started a new knitting project — the Blue Sky Alpacas Fitted Tank.


So far I like the Blue Sky Alpacas cotton yarn a lot because it isn’t splitty. This should be a quick knit, but only if I actually work on it, right? We’ll see if I can get it done and seamed within the next month!


43 Comments on “A Little Knitting and A Lot of Sewing”

  1. Angela says:

    You’re on a sewing roll! Go on with your bad self!

  2. erin says:

    Wow, you did ALL that in a weekend? Amazing! They’re all so pretty. Now that you’ve mentioned it, I’ve got to try magnetic snaps.

  3. sarah b. says:

    I’m just getting a bit of the sewing bug now, and love your bags! They all turned out great!

  4. Cyndi says:

    Cute! I especially love the tissue covers. Did you use a pattern for those?

    I’m interested to hear about the magnetic snaps too… never tried them, but they seem nice. I think I’d like to replace the velcro on my Madison bag w/magnet snaps if it’s possible at this point. Velcro & yarn don’t get along very well!

  5. Kate says:

    Love the bags. I need to try the jordy. So relieved to here the Blue Sky Cotton isn’t splitty – have just got some. It will become something eventually!

  6. gleek says:

    great bags! wow, you really went to town with your sewing machine! i’d be interested in swapping if there’s anything in particular you’re looking for. let me know!

  7. Jennifer says:

    Cute, cute bags!!

  8. Agnes says:

    I am truly amazed! How many bags do you use? I just carry one each and every day! But they are all beautiful.

  9. blossom says:

    i love the bags!!! i still need to do my intown bag, after the failed attempt! sewing is really addictive, isn’t it!

  10. ruth says:

    hey girl! missed your posts – and glad to see you’ve been busy with your machine! LOVED your sewing projects the tissue holders are adorable! =) me on the other hand, since i’ve cast-on for way too many knitted handbags, i’m not really looking forward to sewing all those linings just yet. =P

  11. joyce says:

    great bags & tissue holders! the thing about sewing compared to knitting is that you can finish your project in an hour and it’s instant gratification! i saw the knitted tank in the new issue of interweave knits!! can’t wait to see your finished project.

  12. isel says:

    Gah gah gah gah…how do you do it?

    Pretty, pretty, pretty. I looove those tissue covers.
    Because of your messenger bag, I’m going to try to sew. Yes, the urban messenger bag pattern is now on my tabler together with some fabric…I still need some other stuff. Wish me luck, I have no idea how to sew.

  13. stacey says:

    Such cute bags! The fabrics are great!

  14. Jes says:

    The bags look great!

    I was just thinking about doing that tank. Let me know how the fit is. It might have moved up the list now that I see someone else doing it. Love the color, btw.

  15. Tania A says:

    Such cute bags! DH would kill me if I added more bags to my collection .. but I really like the look of them. Especially that last one, though I’m more partial to the outside than then inside.

  16. SQ says:

    i love the tissue holders! do you have a pattern, or did you make them up?

  17. Rebekah says:

    wow you have been doing a lot of sewing. Everything looks wonderful!

  18. Heather says:

    Wow, you’ve been busy! I still haven’t finished my back, maybe I’ll get it back out and work on it tonight πŸ˜‰

    The tank looks great so far too!

  19. your bags are all *gorgeous! you have been very busy! and the tissue travel pack is sooo cute. x

  20. Marie says:

    Oh, amazing!! I love those bags! You did a great job!

  21. jen says:

    i think i like thise tissue holders a little better what pattern did you use?

    the bags are awesome..as if you didn’t know or already have 8257394583746534753 people to remind you! πŸ˜€

  22. bethanie says:

    The bags look awesome!

  23. eunny says:

    Everything is great – but the tissue holders are adorable! And I *love* the outer fabric for the last Jordy bag.

  24. Jhoanna says:

    Great work and so productive! Love the fabrics you used. Looks like you’ve seriously succumbed to the bag-sewing bug πŸ™‚

  25. wow! what beautiful fabrics! love your taste πŸ™‚ I love that blue sky alpaca tank.. can’t wait to see how your turns out!

  26. Lolly says:

    You bags are so adorable, Caitlyn! But I must say, those little tissue holders are my favorite! What a brilliant idea! Way to make something unpleasant (blowing your nose) somewhat fashionable! πŸ˜‰

    I need to catch this sewing bug! I have seen so many cute things….

  27. Carolyn says:

    I can’t believe you made all of that in one weekend! Impressive! The tissue holders are a very cute idea, especially for those of us who never leave the house without tissues. Great work!

  28. Gracie says:

    You are a sewing fool!! I love the bags – the fabric is adorable!!

  29. Jenn says:

    OH MY GOD!

    You are seriously a bag making Goddess. And can I say, I am in serious love with those tissue holders? I’m so sick of having those ugly plastic packs of tissues. It’s just not cute! And with a snotty-nosed 3-year-old, the girl needs tissues in her purse!

    Where did you get the pattern??

  30. quenna says:

    That is a lot of sewing and a bit of knitting too! I can’t believe you’re not keeping any of them!

  31. Kumi says:

    Wow, you’re doing so much craft projects!
    Very impressed!!

  32. Stephanie says:

    Oooh, so many cute bags. You’re making up for lost time. I really like the Jordy bag – I’ll have to get the pattern for it. And your tank looks great – I’ve used their cotton and I agree – it’s very nice.

  33. Nyasha says:

    The bags are awesome Kaitlyn! Good job on your sewing. Hope everything is going well for you and the family.

  34. Siow Chin says:

    Your bags are really amazing!

  35. Julia says:

    Cute bags! I’ll have to try that jordy pattern…I love it. And I also love the color you’ve chosen for the fitted tank, very nice.
    If you’re interested, I’d like to swap for the Jordy bag or the coral-y flower tote. I have 2 skeins each of purple and blue Koigu, some other types of sock yarn, or…?

  36. Leslie says:

    Hi there!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog. . . and I have to say that I had to laugh when I read your story about graduation! Very funny (though probably not at the time!).

    And fab job on the totes! I have yet to tackle magnetic snaps. . .they scare me! πŸ™‚

  37. GurlPurl says:

    what lovely totes! you did a fantastic job! i heart your blog!

  38. pouassonlune says:

    What a good idea ! I really love your travel tissu holder !

  39. Theresa says:

    Nothing like a little! sewing!

  40. tracy says:

    Oh my god, I am soo jealous of your sewing skills, not to mention your impeccable fabric taste…wow.

  41. aja says:

    Gorgeous bags!! Such great colors.

  42. blair says:

    fabrics, bags, tissue holder, its all beautiful! I need a little of your energy!

  43. Charmaine says:

    Hey, great bags! I’d be curious to know a little more about how you got the magnetic snaps to go in so easily…