Knitting For My Hands and Feet

Right before Thanksgiving, I got quite productive with my knitting.


Pattern: Top down sock pattern from The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns
Yarn: Sundara Sock Yarn, Mixed Berries, 2 skeins (old size)
Needles: US #1 / 40″ Addi Turbos for Magic Loop

I started these socks a full six months ago. I knit the first sock rather quickly, but the second one languished on the needles for months. The last time I worked on it was over the summer while waiting for a couple of wedding banquets to begin. I had almost given up hope of ever finishing this pair, but I experienced a burst of motivation recently. Sundara Sock Yarn is wonderfully soft and plush, and the colors are saturated. I would definitely knit with it again.

I also knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves.



Pattern: Fetching
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran, Color 300610, 1 skein
Needles: Lantern Moon US #4 DPNs
Modifications: Decreased needle size; plain bind off instead of picot bind off

I used smaller needles than directed because my hands are small. Even then, I still think that the handwarmers are a tad big — I would prefer to see the ribbing stretched out a bit more. Perhaps I should cast on less stitches next time. This is a great pattern, and knitting the thumb wasn’t as difficult as I anticipated.

I cast on for a new project and will show it later this week. Let me leave you with a photo of my favorite tree ornament. I hope your holiday season is off to a lovely start!



21 Comments on “Knitting For My Hands and Feet”

  1. Tonia says:

    You have been quite productive. Maybe it is the holiday season that has kick started you again.

    I so want to make a pair of the fetching mitts, unfortunatly I have some other things that MUST be done before I start someting new.

    The ornament is so cute. Is there a story behind it?

  2. gleek says:

    oooh, i’m glad that you finished with the socks! they look like a comfy pair πŸ™‚

    fetching gloves are really popular lately! every one i’ve seen is just perfect. what a great pattern.

  3. The socks look beautiful! Glad to hear about knitting productivity! I tried to get a lot of knitting done over the holiday, too–long weekends are the best!

  4. jillian says:

    You have been busy! The socks and mitts are both gorgeous.

  5. Karen says:

    I like Fetching much better with a regular cast off. I hope to get a pair made for myself sometime this winter.

    I’m glad you finished the socks…they are pretty!

    Did you make the ornament? It’s cute!

  6. bethanie says:

    I love the red gloves!

  7. ruth says:

    oooh, you’ve been knitting!! yay on finishing the socks! and a little something for yourself too. =)
    hope you had a good thanksgiving – going to knitting this week? i’ll be there!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Is that your tree? Wow. You’ve knit socks and gloves and put up your tree. I haven’t even thought about a tree yet.

  9. Leslie says:

    Your socks are awesome!! Even though I haven’t knitted a single sock yet . . it’s one of the things I’m itching to learn and I’ve already begun stockpiling some sock yarn. So far I have —
    Cherry Tree Hill Farm: Birches, Serengeti, and Wild Cherry. All in Supersock these by Brenda Dayne (she does the Cast On blog and podcast). I’ve already purchased the same yarn that’s shown in the pic. I bet you’d be able to do these already!

    I’m so happy that you’re doing so many projects. The fingerless gloves are so pretty too. I know the yarn you used for that and it’s just soooo soft!

    I can’t wait to see more pics! Happy looping!! πŸ™‚

  10. Jennifer says:

    Lovely FOs! Fetching is such a cute pattern.

  11. Beth says:

    That’s such a cute ornament! I love the hats on the snowmen.

  12. marie says:

    yaay! fetching in red! i love it πŸ˜€
    i really gotta work on some socks for myself!!
    maybe after the holidaze. :T

  13. keri says:

    Oh my, that sock yarn is just gorgeous! Simple socks like that are my favorite way to go.

    Happy Holidays.

  14. stacey says:

    Nice to get a languishing project off the needles – they look great! I have to make myself a pair of fetching one of these days – I like the plain bo you did – it doesn’t seem to curl as much as others I’ve seen around the ‘net.

  15. Katie says:

    Oooh! Love the socks and the fetching wristwarmers! I need to try some of that Sundara sock yarn. I always like the looks of other people’s Sundara socks.

  16. jacqueline says:

    those fetching wristwarmers are way too cute. i keep meaning to cast on for my own pair…because i desperately need wristwarmers during summer in australia πŸ˜‰

  17. erin says:

    It’s such a good feeling to be finishing off the languishing projects. Love the red wristwarmers!

  18. BrownPants says:

    Ooooh, I just did some fetchings in this colour, it’s gorgeous isn’t it!

  19. joyce says:

    very nice finished projects (i haven’t finished the right side to the fetching pattern for my sister yet) —in time…

  20. deborah says:

    Love those fetching. I’ve made 4 pair now. I’m now doing two at a time so that I can finish a pair at the same time – how anal is that??

  21. rasa says:

    I made several pairs of fetching for Christmas gifts. Of those, a number were for my nieces, who have small hands. I knit them with size 5 needles and simply elimninated one of the ribs (cast on 5 less). They fit great!