Rockin’ Girl Blogger Awards


My good friend Ruth tagged me for the Rockin’ Girl Blogger award (thanks Ruth!), and I would like to give the same award to the following five amazing ladies:

1. Joyce — We met online just over a year ago, right before she was about to give birth to her daughter Ava. Joyce takes amazing photos and is very creative and talented in all of her crafting. She is also really generous — she taught me how to sew zippered pouches by sending me a photo tutorial, and she has gifted me with several lovely books.

2. Elise — If you have read my blog for awhile, you might notice that I get a number of delicious recipes from Simply Recipes. They are clearly written, and literally every single one I’ve tried has turned out well. I’ve cooked more dishes from Simply Recipes than from any other single resource. Elise always patiently answers my questions (sometimes dumb ones!) over comments and emails. I am very grateful for Elise and her excellent website.

3. Ari — I’ve only been reading Baking and Books for several months, but Ari is such a source of culinary inspiration for me. She experiments with new dishes regularly across various different cuisines, and I drool over photos of her baked goods. Ari also posts great interviews with famous cookbook authors!

4. Esther — This sock-knitting queen knits gorgeous socks as gifts — I wish I were as generous as she is about giving away handknits. We share similar interests in cooking and baking, and I always enjoy chatting with her over email about those topics. Esther has been busy with the bar exam lately, and I hope it went well for her!

5. Erin — I am always in awe of Erin’s stunning lace shawls. She is really, really good at knitting them and very patient with fixing any mistakes. She can also read Japanese knitting and crochet patterns and creates beautiful pieces of knitwear.


5 Comments on “Rockin’ Girl Blogger Awards”

  1. Tonia says:

    Congrats on the award. You deserve it.

  2. joyce says:

    aw! thanks so much caitlyn!

  3. Lolly says:

    Thanks for the links to new blogs 🙂

  4. Elise says:

    Ah, thank you! So glad that you find the site helpful. 🙂

  5. Wow! Thanks a lot, Caitlyn! I just got back from the bar over the weekend and have slowly been catching up on blogs and knitting. What a surprise to find on your blog! Thanks a lot! Hope you’re doing well!