Cabled Newsboy Cap


Pattern: Headline News Cabled Newsboy Cap from Stitch ‘N Bitch Nation
Yarn: Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes, Color 2003 Ecru, 2 skeins
Needles: Clover #8/16″, Clover #8/24″, Clover #10.5/16″, Brittany #10.5 DPNs
Thoughts: This was my first project in August, and unfortunately I feel pretty “meh” about it. Clearly I chose the wrong color yarn for myself; I was going for neutral so that the hat would match a variety of clothing, but didn’t consider that ecru doesn’t go so well with my skin tone. The yarn knits up thick and soft, but it was splitty so I wouldn’t use it again.  I found the decrease instructions rather confusing.  In the absence of pattern errata or clarification on the SnB website, I ended up emailing Wendy completely out of the blue to ask for help because she had knit the hat before. She didn’t know me from the next knitter, nor had I ever even commented on her blog previously, but she still kindly responded super quickly with detailed instructions. Wasn’t that nice?? All in all, this is not one of my favorite projects, but I’m glad I finished something! Yay!  Moving on now to the other projects on my needles…


13 Comments on “Cabled Newsboy Cap”

  1. keri says:

    Yea for finishing something! Sometimes that’s the hardest part! =)

  2. Oiyi says:

    It looks really cool. And it does look like a really nice neutral color. Too bad it doesn’t go well with your skin tone.

  3. Isn’t Wendy the nicest? I wrote her once or twice with a couple of questions myself, and she also responded very quickly and helpfully.

    I’m sorry the newest FO isn’t quite to your liking, but if you decide not to keep it, I’m sure it will make someone a fabulous gift. It looks good from the top!

  4. Jes says:

    At least you finished it! I probably would have given up and handed the yarn to someone else. I like the hat, though, it’s cute. =)

  5. Tonia says:

    Yay for finisheing. It is way cute.

  6. Jillian says:

    It definitely looks cute in the picture. I’ve thought about knitting that hat but haven’t because I don’t think it’s something I would wear enough. Maybe if you put it away for a month or two, it will grow on you!

  7. Mansi says:

    Hi Caitlyn, first time here…Don’t know whether to comment on your beautiful food or your knitting:) but both are very pretty, really!! i loved the baking posts:)


  8. Julia says:

    Yay, cute hat! Sorry i didn’t get back to you with input, you were right, everything was really busy! And, I don’t remember how I made the hat…I didn’t like the color I chose either!

  9. ruth says:

    you HAVE been knitting!! (not that i didn’t believe you earlier, but having an FO definately is evidence that you have been productive knitting-wise) =)

  10. Lolly says:

    I made the hat last year – such a cute pattern. Sorry it isn’t exactly what you were hoping for, but I think it looks cute!
    Seeing yours reminds me that I should make another one for my sister – when I made mine, she was begging for you. Christmas present, perhaps?

  11. Karen says:

    It really came out nice. Sorry you not crazy about the color.

  12. Beth says:

    I think you did a nice job on the hat – it’s cute! Can you dye it to a color you’d like better?

  13. oooooh….i like! i started knitting again, right after you came to my blog the first time. i’m knitting a sexy tank top. going slow…but going at least!