Fingerless Mitts for Mom

Almost two years ago, I knit my mother a pair of Irish Hiking Arm Warmers. She mentioned to me recently that the yarn was now pilling quite a bit.  That’s not exactly a surprise — I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino and while it’s very soft, it’s not exactly known for holding up well. So I whipped up another pair of fingerless mitts for her.


Yarn: Cascade 220, color 8895
Pattern: I based them on the Tweedy Mittens pattern and essentially knit up to one inch less than the desired length before switching to five rounds of k2p2 ribbing to finish them off.
Needles: US #7 / 32 inches for Magic Loop


Admittedly, these are very plain-looking mitts compared to the Irish Hiking ones, but the plus side is that they have a thumb, right? I am planning to knit my mother a “fancier” pair in the future…either another pair of Irish Hiking Arm Warmers, or maybe Fetching?


11 Comments on “Fingerless Mitts for Mom”

  1. Lovely mitts! They’re a nice jolt of color to shake up the winter blahs. I hope your mom likes them.

    (My unsolicited $0.02: I made Fetching for a small Christmas gift for my co-workers and she loves them. I made some Natalya gauntlets/mitts for my judge and those were a big hit, too. After doing both, I prefer Natalya’s thumb gusset construction over Fetching’s after-thought thumb. But there’s no denying that Fetching is faster to make, and they’re both nice.)

  2. ruth says:

    looks great! especially with the thumb addition. =)

  3. Beth says:

    It’s terrific that your mom used her first mitts so much that they’re wearing out! I’m not sure the things I have knit for my family have been used. Her new mitts are great! They look a lot like some that I have and I love mine! 🙂

  4. Oiyi says:

    They are a great color and look very warm. I made a pair of Fetching for a friend with DB Cashmerino and it was so nice to knit with. I will have to ask her how it has held up.

  5. Jennifer says:

    They look so warm and cozy! I’d do a Fetching next, or the other fingerless mitt pattern that came out in the same Knitty… Dashing?

  6. Agnes says:

    Mom would love these … the yarn can hold up much better and the colour is beautiful.

  7. Renna says:

    I agree with Seedless Grapes that the color is great for brightening up winter. They’re lovely!

  8. Fingerless mittens like that are just the coolest thing ever if you ask me. They keep your hands warm without your having to fuss with taking your gloves off every time you need your fingers to do something coordinated! The ones you made look so pretty too.

  9. joyce says:

    Very nice! There’s the new ones “dashing” from knitty you might want to try =)
    They’re on my needles now.

  10. keri says:

    Ooh those are very pretty, the color is just gorgeous!

  11. Lucky mom!

    I’m such a slow knitter! I’m still working on my socks. Halfway done with my second sock. At this rate, my kids will fit these when they are done!!!

    xoxo, jaden