Cinnamon Roll Addiction

Last month I made cinnamon rolls for the very first time and discovered that I absolutely loved them. So much, in fact, that I actually made them twice in as many weeks. But the process was a bit time consuming because of waiting for the yeast to rise and refrigerating the unbaked rolls overnight. So I was intrigued when I came across a post by The Kitchn about Fine Cooking’s Fastest Cinnamon Buns recipe.

Fastest Cinnamon Buns

The dough portion of this recipe is made in the food processor and includes baking soda + powder, buttermilk, and cottage cheese. I didn’t use the filling and frosting instructions at all. Instead, I stuck with my previous version so that I could compare differences in the dough only. Hubby and I both thought that these turned out really well. The texture is definitely different — perhaps a tad chewier but still very light. I can certainly see myself making this recipe more frequently because it tastes great and is much quicker.

Now I just need to work on my dough-rolling skills. I am terrible at it, but I am determined to improve!


8 Comments on “Cinnamon Roll Addiction”

  1. Oiyi says:

    I have been wanting to make Cinnamon Buns, too, but the time commitment is what is stopping me. I have been baking my own breads every week, but I do it after the baby goes to bed at night. So the recipes I use can’t be more than 3-4 hours. Even then, sometimes I am waiting for the bread to come out of the oven at 1am and then can head upstairs to bed.

    Yours look delicious!!

  2. Jessica says:

    Those look good! The new book, at least new to me, Artesian Bread in 5 minutes a Day, has a recipe for cinnamon rolls that is made from dough that is refrigerated. There isn’t too much of a rest time involved in that process, either.

  3. mari says:

    cinnamon rolls…. yum…. I am just drooling looking at the photo! I don’t have a food processor so I can’t make these, but maybe it’s time to get one!

  4. Renna says:

    Thanks for sharing that recipe! I made cinnamon rolls a few times when my kids were younger, and at home. I haven’t made them in years, though, because they’re so time-consuming. I have company coming next week, and hope to try out this new recipe then. I bookmarked your earlier recipe for the filling, since it sounds better to me than that of the fast recipe.

  5. Beth says:

    Uhoh, I shouldn’t have read your post this morning because now I’m hungrier. I ate breakfast but have been wanting something sweet – like one of your delicious cinnamon rolls!

  6. Jenipurr says:

    Thanks for sharing that recipe! I made them this morning and those are quite, quite tasty. I have yet to use my food processor to make dough (seems awfully messy that way), but these whipped up just fine in the Kitchen-aid.

  7. Nell says:

    Thanks for the link. They look delicious!

  8. Karen says:

    OMG those look so good!